Information & Activity
Parents are welcome to bring a cake to school on your child’s birthday. We make a crown, sing happy birthday and make it a special day for your little one.   If you wish to provide any other entertainment on the day, please discuss this with your child’s Teacher. Also as a parent of the school you may use the school as a party venue on the weekend if required for a small fee.  Please chat to your Teacher for more details.
Each child gets a turn to be the “Bakerman”. This takes place every Friday and your Teacher will be in touch to confirm when it is your child’s turn and how many children you will need to cater for.
Our school uses a blend of SMS and email to provide ongoing updates & reminders. Our website is also a useful resource.

Drop & Go
To encourage independence, this is one of the primary objectives for the children. Please use the “drop and go” system, your child will settle in much easier when you use this system. When dropping your little one please kiss them goodbye and always reassure them that you will see them after school. In the beginning it will be difficult for you and for them, but before you know it you will be waving good-bye and with a smile too. Remember we are professionals so your child is loved and cared for by all of us.

  Extra Mural Activities
Swimming, Computers, Ballet, Junior jive (music), tumbling tigerz, Playball and many more are on offer at the school. These are optional extras and take place during school hours unless otherwise arranged. Payment is made directly to the extra mural person involved.
A nutritious breakfast, tea time snacks and hot lunches are served. All food is freshly prepared daily with only the finest ingredients. Vegetables are always included in our meals. Every Wednesday we have “The fruit I like the most” so please send a fruit to school and we will make a delicious fruit salad and teach the children about different fruits and the importance of eating healthily.


Monday to Friday : Half Day : 7 am - 1 pm
  Happy Hour : 1 pm - 2 pm
  Full Day : 7 am – 5.30 pm
Medication brought to school will be administered as prescribed. Please make sure it is properly labelled and given directly to the teacher. Do not leave it in the school bag as these bags are easily accessible to inquisitive children as well as heat damages the medication.
  Parent Participation
Merry Days & Little Saints Preschools is a family orientated school which depends on parent interaction. It builds bridges between home and school, and there are numerous opportunities for Moms and Dads to bring to school any special skills or interests to share with the children.

Sick Children
Sick children may not attend school. They need to be kept home to recuperate. If a child arrives at school sick you will be contacted to collect them immediately. This is a small environment and we have to consider the welfare of the other children, the staff and Teachers. If your child has a : green running nose, fever, runny tummy, coughing, body spots or has been sick the night before, please keep them at home.

  Additional Requirements
Over and above school fees, you are required to pay an annual popcorn fee of R240 per annum. Each child will receives a packet of popcorn, every Friday.
Should anyone, other than you, be collecting your child from school, the “Collection Register Diary” must be completed with an ID number of the person collecting filled in, prior to collection time. No exceptions will be made!
  Contact Details
Please make sure you keep the school updated, in writing, regarding any changes to telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. Please email updates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The dignity of each child is respected at all times ! Positive guidance is used to assist every child to substitute appropriate behaviour for inappropriate behaviour. Physical, verbal or emotional abuse is never used and at no time is the child made to feel frightened, humiliated or threatened.


  • School fees are due by the 1st of each month. There is a grace period until the 3rd of every month. Should fees not be received timeously, a monthly late penalty fee of R300 for overdue accounts is automatically billed for on our automated system. If fees have not been paid by the 10th of every month, suspension will occur. School fees are still payable while your child is suspended.
  • Should school fees not be paid by the 10th of the month, this will result in the unfortunate suspension of your child from school until fees are brought up to date.
  • School fees are charged even if your child is absent.
  • School fees are payable every month, in advance, regardless of school holidays. Merry Days & Little Saints’ Preschool fees have been spread evenly across 12 months.
  • December School fees are still payable even though school closes for the December holidays.
  • During school holidays, holiday care programmes are in place and will be charged for over-and-above monthly school fees.
  Grace & Courtesy
We are an inter-denominational and anti-discriminatory school. We respect the values, religions and race of each family and all our staff members ! We teach and nurture these principles in our children so they may have the same respect and values growing up.
Please label all items of clothing, bags, bottles etc. clearly ! Should you be looking for labels, is a good resource.
  Open Door Policy
We have an open door policy and ask that all concerns or suggestions be brought to our attention so that they can be addressed.  Jerry can be contacted on his mobile, 082 297 5240.  If you prefer email, contact Jerry via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Alternatively, feel free to speak to your Teacher.
  Potty Training
This is a special time for your little one and teaching your little one to use the loo has to be a fun experience ! There must be continuity of what is carried out at home and at school. Please chat to your Teacher to discuss this. During this time please make sure you pack a few changes of clothing in case of “oopies”.

Settling In
On the first day of school, please stay for a short time to help your child adjust. We realise that this is difficult, however, please remember that we are professionals. There may be tears for a short while, as it is hard to say good-bye, but generally they do not continue for long and your little one ends up having a happy fun day.

If tears do persist, rest assured we will call you. Once you have said good-bye please don’t hang around as it is more upsetting and confusing if your words and actions are inconsistent.