School Fees
  (Effective from the 1st January 2024)
  Classic Half Day 5 Days : (over 12 months)
Includes breakfast, tea time snacks & hot lunch
R 4 990.00 p/m
  Classic Half day 5 Days : (over 11 months) R 5 444.00 p/m
  Per Term (Less 5%) R 18 962.00
  Per Annum (Less 10%) R 53 892.00
  Three Half Day Programme : (over 12 months)
Includes breakfast, tea time snack & hot lunch
R 4 150.00 p/m
Three Half Day Programme : (over 11 months)
R 4 527.00 p/m
  Per Term (Less 5%) R 15 770.00
  Per Annum (Less 10 %) R 44 820.00
Three Full Day Programme : (over 12 months)
 Includes breakfast, tea time snack & hot lunch
R 4 540.00 p/m
Three Full Day Programme : (over 11 months)
R 4 953.00 p/m
  Per Term (Less 5%) R 17 252.00
  Per Annum (Less 10 %) R 40 032.00
  Happy Hour Facility : Until 2pm R 300.00 p/m
  Full Day 5 Days : (over 12 months)
Includes breakfast,tea time snack & hot lunch
R 5 790.00 p/m
  Full Day 5 Days : (over 11 months) R 6 317.00 p/m
  Per Term (Less 5%) R 22 002.00
  Per Annum (Less 10%) R 62 532.00

Siblings receive a 7% per month discount on school fees
School fees are inclusive of the termly stationary fee and annual outing fee.

  Non-refundable Registration Fee
R 1000.00 - child
R 1400.00 - 2 children

Grade R Non-refundable Registraion Fee

R 2500.00


None South African Residents Registration fee - Non refundable

Two months school fees

  Holiday Care Programme R 80.00 per day

Banking Details :

Merry Days Preschool

Broadacres (204809)
Cheque Account
Acc No : 62277614329

Ref : Child’s Name




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Conditions of Admission 

The Parities referred to in these CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION refer to the Signatories, either one or both parent(s)/guardian(s), and the Pupil to be enrolled as on the FINAL AGREEMENT FORM, and
Merry Days & Little Saints (PTY) Ltd.

1. General Terms and conditions

1.1 The signatories accept that if the Pupil is sick or travelling, School fees are still payable.

1.2 The Signatories agree that two full calendar months notice must be given in writing and verbally before the child leaves Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd. November & December may not be used as notice months. This does not apply to those who are graduating at the end of the academic year In Grade 00 at Merry Days & Grade 0 (R) at Little Saints

1.3 The signatories accept that personal possessions of the Pupil are not covered in any risk insurance by Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd and that the signatories are responsible for supplying adequate cover.

1.4 The domicilium citandi et excecutandi (the address to which legal documentation will be sent) of the signatories shall be as contained in the final Agreement Form

1.5 The domicilium citandi et excecutandi Address (the address to which legal documentation will be sent) of Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool shall be:

51 Othello Drive





1.6 The signatories Indemnify and hold blameless Merry Days/Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd and its staff against any loss, damage or injury which may be sustained by the pupil from whatever cause excluding gross negligence, whether on Merry Days/Little Saints property or en route thereto or there from, or in course of any extra mural activity or organised outing in which the pupil may participate.

1.7 The Signatories agree that any change in information supplied in this agreement including but not limited to the signatories’ marital status, residential status or employment status does not invalidate the agreement made herein, and any such change will be reported in writing to Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd.

1.8 All notice fees must be settled in full before leaving Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd.

2. Payment of Fees

2.1 On Acceptance of my child to Merry days/Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd , I accept that a non refundable payment of R1000 (registration fee) must be paid in order to secure a place at the Preschool

2.2 The Signatories agree, Fees are strictly payable in advance by the 1st of each month. Any late payment (later than the 3rd of the month) will incur a late payment penalty administration fee of R300.00 per month. Should Fees not be paid by the 10th of the month, attendance will suspended, until my account is up to date and a late payment penalty administration fee of R300.00 per month. The suspension period is still payable as per normal school fees and is in no way expulsion of my child. I would therefore still require giving notice, should I decide to withdraw my child.

2.3 The Signatories agree that they shall be liable to pay school fees, as prescribed in the schedule of fees, from time to time and any special levies imposed by Merry Days & Little Preschool (Pty) Ltd.

2.4 The Signatories accept joint and several liability to Merry Days & little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd for the punctual payment of all fees, subscriptions, levies and other amounts that become due and payable to Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool, or in respect or participation in, or attendance at school related activities regardless of any bursary or sponsorship in favour of the pupil.

2.5 If arrangements have been made for the payment of school fees by way of instalments. Each instalment shall be paid on the first of each month or the first day of each term as the case may be.

2.6 If any payment due by the Signatories remain unpaid for a period of 30 (thirty) days after due date, the balance of the annual tuition fee shall immediately become due and payable and Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd shall have the rights to suspend the Pupil from attending Preschool without prejudice to its other rights under this agreement, including its right to immediately institute action against the signatories for the full balance owing in terms hereof.

2.7 The Signatories acknowledge that the inability of the Pupil to attend school, or in the absence of the Pupil from the school, does not relieve the Signatories obligation to pay school fees.

2.8 The Signatories accept that interest will be charged on all outstanding fees at a monthly rate of 2 (two) percentum above the overdraft interest rate charged by FNB Bank Ltd from time to time.

2.9 Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd reserve the right as its sole and absolute discretion to withhold reports until all amounts owing have been paid.

2.10 The Signatories agree to be checked for credit worthiness by the various credit bureaus and should I default or not pay then I understand that I will be listed on the said credit bureaus.

2.11 School fees are payable monthly, therefore holidays will be charged for as per other schools.

2.12 If my child participates in the 3rd day week program set day, change of a day will result in an additional rate of R 80.00.

2.13 Holiday Care facilities will be at an additional cost over and above school fees of R 80.00 per day per child.

3. Toys & valuables

3.1 No toys may be brought to school. The school will not be held responsible for any items that may go missing or damaged.

3.2 The school has an open door policy and will not tolerate any persons causing any discomfort towards another child, teacher or parent.

4. Dress Code

4.1 Pupils are required to appear neat, tidy, clean and dressed at all times.

5. Labelling of Personal Goods

5.1 All Personal goods must please be clearly labelled with the Pupils name.

6. Staying Late after school

6.1 Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd is half day and full day closing promptly at 17h30 all collections after 17h45 will be liable for late collection fees

7. Arrival Time at School

7.1 The signatories accept that the Pupil must avoid arriving after 08h00 as to not let you little one miss out on any important activities.

8. Sick Pupils

7.1 The Signatories acknowledge that Under NO circumstances does the school allow sick children to attend school. Especially if they have green runny noses as this is contagious. Merry Days & Little Saints Preschool (Pty) Ltd, trust that you will support us in this matter as it is in the best interest of all our little ones.